March 24, 2009

Remember the winter you were eight years old? There was an evening you stood in the field behind your house, right before your mother called you for dinner. You stood there and unzipped your coat because it was warmer than it had been. You stood there and breathed so deeply you thought your lungs would burst. And when your mother called your name a hundred starlings rose up into the twilight.


  1. Goodness, the entry is just as beautiful as the image! I'm adding you to my favs! Thank you for such an inspiring visit ;)

  2. I do recall the starlings. Starlings flying in circles over the cornfield, over the barn, over the farm yard and over the swing set. I do believe the starlings were pondering the juxtaposition between places to rest and places to fly against when to rest and when to fly. Is the applicable catalyst for the transition a group decision? Maybe the starlings were just flying. But I do recall…

    Wonderful pair, the photo and words.