February 10, 2009

the geography of youth

I have studied the geography of  youth; mapped my regret and rapture in the trees and roads of Miami County. I have found causal links in cracked sidewalks; patterns like the lines in my hand, criss-crossed in railroad ties; photographs never taken in fields with lonely trees. The music of what was once said was put on mixtapes and forgotten in a moment; the names unspoken, the faces unremembered.

We were led to believe in the process of memory, in the significance of past tense formation of character, in the finalization of landscape.

I have locked a secret word in my heart, and lost, the key will not be used. I have found the mythical names of remembering and from them constructed others. Born and becoming: I have whispered the word into man, taken my dream of nighttime drives, moved out and into, and fallen back on the promises of youth.

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