February 10, 2009

In the past few years I've heard several people lament the loss of the night sky for most of the world's population, and I'm right there with them, lamenting too.  What will perpetual twilight at night do to our dreams; to our selves?
There is a stillness that comes in darkness. The stillness of being small and quiet and anonymous in the night, especially during a night spent in the wilderness; smaller than the universe, just as small as the other animals invisible around you.

But there is stillness to be found in a city even yet, with perpetual twilight looming. There are moments of forgetting one's self even in the sodium glow of streetlights; of being still and small in the universe.


  1. I remember when I was young, there was this place in the mountains at the end of an old road where my dad and I would go to watch meteor showers, and just look at the stars.
    There is a development there now. It seems like places to experience the night sky have disappeared.. and that is worth our lament.

    I also agree with you wholeheartedly about losing oneself in the street light shine. That, in itself, is a wonderful feeling.

    Your photo of that reflective window is go good that it hurts.

  2. You're familiar with Emily Dickinson's "I'm nobody" poem? This reminds me of that.

    And I'm delighted to see this webplace come together.

  3. In this city where I live, in the middle of the night the birds are always singing. The lights fool them it's perpetual dawn.
    Your art is inspiring.

  4. When i feel this way, i take a long night walks with my camera, it helps me to restore the feeling of my and the World's unity